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Newest Google Panda 4.1 Update seems to be a boost for bloggers

Just today, we have heard the news that Google is coming up with a new update which will be finished rolling out this week.  The update is called Google Panda 4.1.  The latest Google Updates is now continuing the focus of Google to give more credence to websites with original content rather than sites with quantity content but low and duplicate content.

This means that Google will now give more Page Authority and search relevance to websites who will offer unique quality content that adds value to those who need them.  This is also a good news for bloggers writing original content since this means they will be given greater credit by Google for their work.

When you look at it, this seems to be a cleaning process of Google to remove spam links which gives misinformation to people who use their search engine.  Google is aiming to have a search engine which shows results which are in its majority useful, original and with good quality.

So duplicate content will have some bearing on your website and on your blogs as well.  This would definitely affect those who are just posting PRs or Press Releases since this would be 100% duplicate content.  Google will not only look for 100% duplicate content but also for similar content that seems to be identical to one another.

Here is a video so that you can understand what duplicate content is.

Is this a good news or a bad news for websites and bloggers?  It only means in some way working harder and thinking more originally so that bloggers and websites can add to the richness of information online.

What do you think of Google Panda 4.1 update?

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