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The Truth About Children Abducted for Sale of Internal Organs in the Philippines

It is quite funny that a rampant case of abduction for internal organs had not been into the news nor was there any red alert for it. This only proves that the rumor and cases being circulated about abduction of children ages 6-14 by a group of people aboard a white van might have been blown out into proportions.

While in Valenzuela City visiting my kids. I was told that there was an actual eye witness account of a boy found on a fish container called "banyera". His internal organs removed and a P20,000 was stuffed inside him. This story might actually be a hearsay since a case like that could have raise a strong alarm across Metro Manila.

Just today, the Mayors of Valenzuela, Caloocan and Malabon have debunked claims of the said children abduction. The investigation to the rumors was also done by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Dinky Soliman in cooperation with Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo.

Although Soliman confirms that there are indeed common cases of children being abducted, the main purpose was for force labor such as begging on the streets or prostitution.

What about those featured in Failon Ngayon? Well their stories might be true but the purpose of the abduction of two 11-year old kids named Kaye and Gerald might not be for selling of their organs but for another one.

It is also quite intriguing to believe that after kidnapping, the kidnappers would return the body alend put money inside it. This will put them in danger since they could lead the police to vital evidence.

In conclusion, this is perhaps another case of rumor that had spread like wildfire through the wrong use of modern technology. It still fear and chaos among the people and since reports cannot be verify it is hard to actually dismiss it at once.

Our conclusion the rumor on child abduction is about 90% FALSE.

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