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Stand for Freedom of Information on January 15 and Everyday

January 15 will be the worldwide stand up for Freedom of Information. It simply means that the public should have access to vital information and that the internet should at most be free from unreasonable censorship and unwanted monitoring.

The influx of use of the internet had prompted government to call for strict legislation sanctioning websites and information released on the net. The case for example of is one in which the United States wants to sanction a website and a person, Julian Asange for releasing supposed to be top secret documents to the public. The documents reveals bad publicity for the United States and other players on the war of terror but the question is whether it is the right thing to do or not.

When does freedom of information become a risk to other and when does it need to be sanctioned or censured? Do you think censorship is necessary? If you do what instances or actions deserves censorship?

In maintaining peace and respect for human rights, freedom of information is vital and thus personally, I join the world in standing up for FREEDOM OF INFORMATION. What about you?

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