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Naruto Cosplayers PH Launched First Cosplay for 2011

Hokage Kisame, Kabuto and Tobi with Cosplay Winners
Naruto Cosplayers PH, a group of cosplayers inspired by Naruto's ideals and the idea of doing cosplay for a cause opened the 2011 Cosplay year with the first ever Cosplay for 2011. The event titled, "A Happy Green New Year" aims to promote awareness on using reusable bags in shopping rather than plastics and also start a fund drive for the rivers of Bulacan.

The event was primarily sponsored by SM City Marilao and supported by Time Zone and Cyber-I Internet Kiosks. More than 200 Cosplayers attended the event, the largest ever Cosplay event in Bulacan and in the history of SM City Marilao. The competition includes Individual Cosplay Competition Level 1 and Level 2, Group Cosplay Competition and JPOP/KPOP Dance Competition. 64 Cosplayers joined Level 1, 24 coplayers joined level 2, four groups joined the Cosplay Group competition and also four dance groups compete for the JPOP/KPOP.

Even in the conduct of the event there was a characterization on stage when Kakuzu and Hidan literally lambasted each other on stage. Kisame and Deidara hosted the second part of the event while Tobi/Madara and Kabuto hosted the awarding of winners.

The judging for the cosplay was made by Mike Abundo, a very well-known blogger; Enzo Luna of Juan Manila Express; Jon Carlo Manalang of WeAreAnime Club and Romeo Encisa Jr. of Cosplay Network Philippines. Criteria includes performance, characterization, costume accuracy and audience impact. Meanwhile, for the JPOP/KPOP dance competition the judges where Ayumi, Nash Anggahan of Dance Pinoy Philippines, and Cherrie Mae Ocampo, NCPH admin.

Cosplay Judges: Rome Encisa Jr., Mike Abundo, Jon Carmelo Manalang and Enzo Luna
JPOP/KPOP Dance COmpetition Judges: Cherrie Mae de Ocamp, Nash Anggahan and Ayumi Kassinique
The winner for the competition during the "Happy Green New Year", Naruto Cosplayers PH Cosplay for A Cause are:

Individual Cosplay Level 1:
  • 1st Place - Cela Krissel Descalsota - Miaka Yuuki of Fushigi Yuugi (98%) winning P3,000 SM GC.
  • 2nd Place - Jilian Welowie Agtarap - Spring Dawning Elemental of Perfect World (87.5%) winning P2,000 SM GC.
  • 3rd Place - Jan Erick Torres - Hibari Kyoya of Hitman Reborn (85.5%) winning P1,000 SM GC.

Individual Cosplay Level 2
  • 1st Place/2nd Place (tied for first) - Voltaire Gaviola - Kiragg from Power Ranger Mystic Force / Govanie Dacasin - Rathalos Blademaster from Monster Hunter (90.5%). The two won a combined prize of P6.500 worth of GCs which is the combined prize for the first and second place.
  • 2nd Place (3rd) - Melanie Austria - Poison Ivy from Batman the Movie (90%) winning P1,500 SM GC.
Winner of the Group Cosplay Bulacan Cosplay Mania and Project 8
Bulacan Cosplay Mania and Project 8 collaboration got 97.5% which made them won the Group Cosplay Competition. They were awarded P8,000 worth of SM GC.

JPOP/KPOP Dance Competition winner, Off Limits Crew
Off Limits Crew which garnered 90%, won the JPOP/KPOP dance competition.

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