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US Elections Results and Prop 19 Results (Marijuana Legalization)

UNITED STATES - Though the main focus of the midterm elections in the United States is gaining control of the House and the Senate, one item in the ballot stir enough attention in the world and in the whole United States. California Proposition 19: Legalizing Marijuana, if ever passed would have been the first ever legal Marijuana use in the United States and even one of the few in the world. Prop 19 would allow cultivation, use, and possession of Marijuana by adults age 21 and over. It would also allow the government to issue permits for commercial cultivation of Marijuana.

California voters however rejected the proposition. Prop 19 results shows that majority of them sees this as not the solution but more of a problem. 55% of voters voted against it while only 45% are in favor of the proposition. Those favoring Prop 19 will try to put it on the ballot again in 2012 but for now those against it and see the free consumption of marijuana as bad triumphed. They say that this would increases the risk of accidents, have consequences in the workplace and create a legal platform for drug traffickers in California.

In other US election results, the Republican Party seize a majority control of the House of Representatives. Rep. John Boehner from Ohio is seen to take over the seat as Speaker of the House when Congress resumes. The Democrats even lose to a Republican in President Obama's home state of Illinois where Republican Mark Kirk won.

Democrats had lost key positions in the Senate race but maintains control. Democrats now have 51 seats against 47 by the Republicans. Prior to elections the Democrats had 59 and the Republicans 41.

The House of Representative on the other hand shows a dramatic turn and show of discontent. During pre-election the 435-seat House had 256 Democrats and 179 Republicans but now during election day and the results show that it will be 192 Democrats and 243 Republicans.

Looking at the Governor's race, almost all voted for a Republican except for California and Hawaii. Former Attorney General Jerry Brown won the Governor's race in California despite the bad criticism against him while incumbent Neil Abercrombie won in Hawaii. An independent candidate, Lincoln Chafee vested both the Republicans and Democrats and won as Governor in Rhode Island.

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