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US Election Day 2010 (VOTE 2010)

The United States is holding its first midterm elections since President Barack Obama assumes office. Election Day 2010 also known as VOTE 2010 will be a test of voter's confidence in Obama's administration. Early analysis and polls indicate that the Democratic Party might lose their majority status in the US Congress but they might retain majority in the Senate. This means that it would be harder to pass Democrat sponsored bills if they lose control of the House.

The major issue in US Election Day 2010 is about the economy specially the high concern on unemployment. Though it is safe to say that the current problems are not created during the current administration, the Democrats might be punished for it since voters might see it as a failure to address the problems.

Election Day 2010 boting will end as the last polling place closes and that will be the polls in Alaska which closes at 0000 EDT (0400 GMT).

The US electorate will vote to fill up all 435 seats in the House (the lower chamber of Congress), 37 of the 100 seats in the Senate, governorships of 37 of the 50 states and all but four state legislatures. Republicans just need to gain 39 seats in the House of Representative and 10 in the Senate in order to gain majority.

Aside from the slots mentioned above there are also some 160 measures on the ballots in 37 states. Issues covered in this measure includes topics such as marijuana legalisation in California to a referendum in Oklahoma on forbidding judges from using Islamic Sharia law in rulings.

Interesting to note in Vote 2010 is the high influence that the ultra-conservative Tea Party has gained during the last months. This influence had been one of the powerful forces behind the Republican Party, which in fact some of them are actual sympathizers of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a party which many sees as the one which gives voice to conservative grassroots opposition to President Barack Obama and the Democrats' economic stimulus programmes and healthcare overhaul.

Watch out for US Election Day (Vote 2010) results as we get updates from various websites and resources.

For now we advise everyone to vote and choose wisely. The future is in the hands of a wise electorate.

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