Being a kid who grew up on the famicom as our family’s form of entertainment find this pretty disturbing. I don’t really care much about titles except the title “Gamer” because it has a significant importance to me. Call me a snob, a purist or whatever but there are some lines that you don’t cross and it people have been jumping across the “gamer or not” line mindlessly these days.
Disclaimer: any comments positive or not are welcome. This is a personal view and does not really express the thoughts of all then back2gaming staff.

In the information age, self-entitlement is a common thing (and problem). With blogging getting easier by the moment, it doesn’t take a person who has gone through a whole course in IT to get one up and then call themselves the authority in anything they decide to focus on . Back2Gaming in itself isn’t run by IT experts, heck among the staff, writers outnumber the IT peeps one to two.

Self-entitlement is not just rampant in the blogging scene, but the gaming world as well. Games have evolved from consoles to pcs to online and even social networks these days provide flash games for the bored. The title “Gamer” has been passed around these days that it has become hard to tag if what they claim is true or not.

I then started to question myself, why do I think I deserve to be called a gamer? While I’m not like the guys here on the blog who have next-gen consoles or who are familiar with a lot of old classics, I think of myself a gamer just because I spend more time on games compared to the rest of the things I do in life. I’ve been wasting myself away on MMORPGs when we had our first PC unit a decade ago, and when I started to earn for a living I’ve been investing a lot of time and money on my psp rather than my wardrobe.