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The Best of Anime 2010 Gathers Hundreds of Cosplayers

I even cosplayed as Kakuzu from Akatsuki in Naruto Shippudden

MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Anime and cosplay fanatics gathered at the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City for a one day Best of Anime 2010. The event features cosplay, Anime JPop and JRock music, booths and many more. More than a hundred Cosplayers attended the event including yours truly.

During the Cosplay competition only 70+ participants registered and though I know that there are lots of cool and better costumes out there I decided to join in the competition and experience the catwalk. I went together with my son, wife and friends.

The event was really cool and well there are lots of new cosplayers as well as cool cosplay. There are those which really invested time and effort in making their costumes while there are those which just do the costume for the heck of doing it.

Guyver win first place in the Cosplay competition. Spawn Mandarin and War Machine came in second and third place respectively. After the competition the audience was serenaded with anime songs by bands like Molded Sushi, Ikuzo, Sagashimono and Banersnatch.

The event started from 8:00am and ends at around 8:00pm. Tons of sponsors supported the event including Hero Channel and Creative Voices.

Gerald Avendano shows Manila Bulletin featuring Bulacan Cosplay Mania and the Best of Anime 2010
We also meet new friends including the Bulacan Cosplay Mania, Project8, Naruto Cosplayers and Pampanga Cosplay Alliance.

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