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Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy (FFXIV Beta)

Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy (FFXIV Beta) - Square Enix had launched the beta of its first ever venture into the MMO genre, Final Fantasy XIV. The FFXIV beta will feature 10 servers with names coming from towns and areas on previous Final Fantasy Games.

The 10 servers includes:
  • Besaid – initial town in FFX
  • Cornelia – initial town in the original FF
  • Figaro – Edgar’s castle from FF6
  • Gysahl – a town from FF3
  • Istory – a town from FF5
  • Kashuan – an enemy castle from FF2
  • Lindblum – castle from FF9
  • Mysidia – A town in FF4
  • Trabia – a region in FF8
  • Wutai – a small village in FF7
Final Fantasy XIV unlike other games will try to discourage marathon game sessions by reducing the gains of players who stay online and grind for too long. This is perhaps the answer of Square Enix to the lingering problem of online game addiction.

The full game of Final Fantasy XIV will be officially released for the PC on September 30, 2010 and will also be out for the Playstation 3 on March 2011.

For those who want to take a shot and apply as a FFXIV beta tester, you can obtain a beta key from the Final Fantasy XIV ENTRY PAGE or you can visit the registration site directly.

Once registered Square Enix will send you an email containing your beta key, you need to log into your account management and register the key. The servers are being slammed pretty hard right now, so best of luck getting in.

In Japan, several net cafes will be hosting the FFXIV beta. The list below are the list of Japan internet cafes where players can turn to for access to Eorzea:
  • Monkey Net (もんきーねっと) in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo
  • Comic Buster (コミックバスター) in Machida, Tokyo
  • Net Cafe Warehouse (ネットカフェウェアハウス) in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa
  • GRAN CYBER CAFE BAGUS in Osaka city, Osaka
  • Internet Cafe @wan (インターネットカフェアットワン) in Osaka city, Osaka
  • MUSE CLUB in Uji city, Kyoto
  • Internet & Manga Kissa-ciao (インターネット&まんが喫茶チャオ in Nishio city, Aichi
  • Conpara (コンパラ) in Toyokawa city, Aichi
  • Aprecio (アプレシオ) in Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka

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