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Muslim-Americans PR Video Promoting Understanding of Muslims

Muslim-Americans PR Video Promoting Understanding of Muslims - In an effort to promote understanding and make it clear that Muslim-Americans are not to be feared various Muslim grassroots organization are launching PR initiatives and ads promoting understanding.

One of the ads had been released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). A Muslim-American firefighter who is one of the first respondents to the September 11 attacks was featured in one of the videos. The ads will run on national television.

Another Muslim-American grassroots group launched an initiative called "My Faith My Voice." They released an advertisement which features Muslim-Americans saying they renounce terrorism and do not want to take over the country or impose their faith on anyone.

The campaign was a move after the proposed Anti-Islamic sentiments were made regarding the the proposed Park51 community center near Ground Zero. During a poll conducted by CBS 70 percent of respondents said that it is an inappropriate move.

Two other mosques far from New York also received hate-filled messages opposing the proposed mosque in Lower Manhattan, and a fire at a mosque construction site in Tennessee is now being investigated as arson.

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