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Avatar 2: The Underwater Avatar Sequel For Cameron

Avatar 2: The Underwater Avatar Sequel For Cameron - If you love the first Avatar then for sure you will love this one. James Cameroon wants to both make an Avatar Sequel and at the same time win a $10 million X-Prize at the same time.

Currenly a challenge is being held for whoever can reach Challenger Deep, the deepest surveyed point in all of Earth’s oceans. Cameron just needs two manned dives to this spot and they will take home the prize. Cameron won’t let thing to just pass by knowing his ambitious ideas in mind.

The first Avatar cashed in more than 2 billion in the box office and many are awaiting for the sequel. For sure Cameron will not find it hard to get financiers for this new movie however, the challenge goes to finding the correct equipment which can survive that depth and the strong ocean pressure. It is an unexplored territory and so it will be a high gamble in terms of filming.

If this underwater Avatar sequel will indeed materialize, then just the idea that the film was done that way and seeing how it looks will surely make the sequel more popular and for sure end more money than the first Avatar.

So how long would it take to make Avatar 2?

The fastest we can imagine making another film is 3 to 3 1/2 years from the moment we start, and we’re not planning on starting tomorrow. People will have forgotten about Avatar by the time we get a sequel done. They go, ‘Oh, Avatar. That’ll be cool.’ It’s not like Iron Man 2 coming out a year after Iron Man 1. It ain’t gonna work that way.

That is how Cameron sees it during an interview with reporters.

Would you like to see the sequel? What do you think about James Cameron's plan?

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