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Richard Gutierrez and Jewel Mische Breaks Up

MANILA, PHILIPPINES: It was a brief revelation that ended too soon, as Richard Gutierrez, host of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition admits that indeed he and Jewel Mische has a very special relationship.

Richard said that the time he spend on the island in Thailand made him think and led to a conclusion to end the relationship.

"Hindi ako nagde-deny (I will not deny it) and I said na there will come a time that I will tell everyone and being in the island for forty-five days, I had a lot of time to really think things through in my life also," Richard reveals in an interview on GMA-7’s “Showbiz Central” on Sunday, August 29.

Richard also added that he learned about himself in the island and saw things that he had not seen while he was busy working in the city.

Despite the break-up, Richard said Jewel still "has a place in his heart" and that "she will always be special" to him.

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