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Claudine Barretto to Sue Angelica Panganiban Over Infedelity Rumors

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Actress Claudine Barretto is thretening to sue Angelica Panganiban over the laters allegation that Claudine has an extra-marital affair. According to her Angelica Panganiban is spreading rumors that Claudine and Martin Castro, best friend of Derek Ramsay is having an affair.

Martin Castro is also a known friend of Raymart Santiago, the husband of Claudine. Claudine also said that four people already confirmed to her about the accusations of Angelica Panganiban.

Claudin was also reportedly angered over the tweets of Angelica Panganiban saying that she and her sister, Gretchen were of the same feather or close to saying that they are both mistresses.

Claudine denies that he has any extra-marital relationship with Martin. Se believes that this is a way so that Derek and Martin's friendship will be tarnished. Derek Ramsey is the boyfriend of Angelica Panganiban.

Meanwhile, Angelica Panganiban was defended by one of the top directors of ABS-CBN, Johnny Manahan. Manahan says that ANgelica might be crude at times but he knows she is not a lier. Manahan even taunts Claudine to go on with the case and sue Angelica.

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