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Obama Shirtless Swimming to Prove Safety of Gulf of Mexico

The White House had released an official photo of President Barack Obama shirtless and swimming with her daughter Shasha at the Gulf of Mexico, particularly on Florida Waters. The message is simple though, they want to show Americans that the Gulf of Mexico which had suffered the BP oil spill, the worst spill in world history is now safe for swimming.

Despite the relatively non-scandalous nature of the photo the curiosity of internet surfers about the "Obama shirtless" photo tagged had placed the news of the photo at the top of Google searchers thereby creating success on the message of the photo.

Most of those who have seen the photo admired Obama's gesture saying that it is really a leader who should first and foremost test the waters and show them that everything is okey.

Tucson voter Sean Thomason said he didn't care what President Obama wears; he's just glad to see him swimming in the Gulf! "It should really help people's perception of the region to see Obama bringing his family there. The message seems to be: it's safe, come on down!"

Definitely many Americans will be happy to find out that it is the President who had made such an statement by swimming in the waters and sending a very strong message that he is serious in cleaning the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, BP Oil despite their success in sealing the oil at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig will be facing huge penalties and damages to be given to those who had been affected by the BP oil spill.

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