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Facebook "Dislike" Button is Fake

Facebook warned users to be carefull when installing applications and granting permission to these application. Facebook warns that some applications might actually be made for the purpose of hacking, virus spreading and identity theft. One such application that was deemed fake was the "Facebook Dislike Button."

Facebook themselves says that if there will be a feature like a dislike button or any other direct Facebook feature it will never be installed through an application but will be made as a direct part of Facebook.

According to a report by the rogue application will post spam messages across you and your friend's wall. The report also added that these apps will also lure people into completing an online survey.

Internet security companies says that the number of "survey scams" had been increasing in Facebook recently as well as "contest scams." They warn Facebook users to report the application immediately and be very careful in granting permissions.

They also warn people from clicking on some videos which are also potentially harmful.

"One thing we commonly see is that the message starts ‘OMG, shocking video’,” he said. And they appear to come from your Facebook friend, giving it a ringing endorsement" said Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos.

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