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McMahon and Buck Wins GOP Primaries

Former WWE executive, Linda McMahon and Tea party favorite Ken Buck defeated their rivals and secured the GOP (Republican) Party nomination for the US Senate race in November. McMahon will be running as the GOP candidate for Senator in Connecticut while Ken Beck will run as Senator in Colorado.

Linda McMahon had been under a series of attacks by her opponents including high level character assassination on television. An advertisement paid for by wealthy businessman Peter Schiff. The ad shows Linda kicking someones crotch while inside a wrestling ring.

McMahon garnered 49 percent of the vote against 28 percent for former Rep. Rob Simmons and 23 percent for wealthy businessman Peter Schiff. Perhaps Linda McMahon is on his way to wrestle it our with the Democrats. She will wrestle with Democratic Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

In Colorado, voters favor newcomer Ken Beck who was endorsed by by GOP leadership and co-chaired John McCain's presidential campaign two years ago in Colorado. Buck was able to edge over his rivals after he used his law enforcement credentials in vowing to crack down on "criminals" at home and in Washington. He will now face Sen. Michael Bennet in November.

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