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Johnny Carson Gives $156 Million to Charity

The legendary host of "Tonight Show", Johnny Carson may have died in 2005 but his philanthropic ways lives on to this date. Last year, Carson donated around $156 million to his charitable trust, the John W. Carson Foundation.

The donation last year made Carson the biggest Hollywood philanthropist for 2009. His foundation, the John W. Cardon Foundation also became Hollywood's largest in terms of assets.

The donations of Carson is giving beneficial contribution to AIDS charities, environmental groups, schools, and foundations from his home state of Nebraska.

It is indeed heartwarming to know that people like them continue to give fulfillment to others in life and even in death.

To know the full details about Johny Carson and his contribution click here.

For those who want to relive Johnny Carson's moments at the Tonight Show we recommend the DVD on the image or this one, The Ultimate Johnny Carson Collection - His Favorite Moments From The Tonight Show (Vols. 1-3) (1962-1992).

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