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World Cup 2010 Quarterfinals Prediction: Netherlands vs Brazil

Brazil vs Netherlands and Ghana vs Uruguay, these are the first two World Cup 2010 Quarterfinal matches today. Two separate games with a lot at stake. The fans of all four teams will surely go to the venue and cheer for their teams. At their home country, for sure their supporters would stay awake to see the final results.

The first match between Brazil and Netherlands presents an even match and statistics between the two. Both of them had a very good group preliminaries and Round of 16 wins. Both did not lose a match so far in all their games.

Brazil had won five World Cups while the last time Netherlands won was way back in 1978 when they won their second consecutive World Cup, the first being in 1974. Since then however they have not been that good in their games and seems to have lost their tempo. Would they regain that tonight? No one knows.

However by observing the matches and the way it's going this match between Brazil and the Netherlands could be a high scoring football game, then again it could be the very conservative type of game.

In the end, I will give the match to Brazil. They have the capacity and experience and they have the player, Kaka to win. The margin of goals would definitely be just 1 or 2 goals since Netherlands would not allow Brazil to demolish them.

So tune in to the game at 10:00 EDT and watch it HERE.

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