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Christina Perri Encounter on Facebook: An Exclusive with Jar of Hearts Singer

It is the first time I ever message someone who is popular outside the Philippines in FB and I never expected an answer from Christina Perri. The moment I saw that she did reply to my post on her wall congratulating her, I was excited. She clarified information about her and her background.

Christina Perri was the singer and composer of the instant overnight hit, Jar of Hearts.

Contrary to what many articles said that she has no experience in what she is doing, Christina Perri is a singer, musician and composer combined. She is a singer since the age of three. At the age of nine he learned the piano.

Perri did not stop there, she continue with her love for music and she had learned the guitar at age 14, then when she reached 16 she was already composing songs.

"I've been trying all different things + been writing + performing with a bunch of people. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE was my big break!," says Christina Perri on her FB message.

She had been living in los angeles for almost 3 years and the cafe job at Beverly Hills was only her day job.

" having the 2nd best day of my life. thank you so much everyone. im so in love with all of you. #9 on itunes (pinch pinch) recording a special live performance of "jar of hearts" for you all tonight. will post asap. to infinity...grab my hand," says Perri on her FB status page.

Christina Perri who has just close to a thousand FB friends would surely feel the rush of popularity soon. We were lucky because we have the chance to talk to her when she is yet to rise on that star staircase.

Congrats Christina Perri on your debut at #9 on iTunes!

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