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Tiger Woods Divorce Final

Tiger Woods divorce with his wife Elin is now final. Pending the filing at the Orlando County Court it can now be said that Wood's womanizing had cause him his children and his wife. Also, financially it will cost Tiger Woods a whooping, $750 million.

"The price of the huge sum is her silence,” the London Sun quoted a reported “friend” of Nordegren’s. “No interviews, tell-all books, or TV appearances about this for the rest of her life -- even if Tiger dies first -- or she'll lose the lot,”

Seems like a very pricey silence for Elin but after all that she had been through with Tiger I thinks she deserves a moment of freedom. Beside the money Elin will also be awarded custody of their kids as well as the couple’s primary home in Windermere in Florida and the apartment in an island farmhouse in Sweden.

In fairness to Tiger Woods he will be allowed to visit his kids up to half a week per week. Tiger will also retain his Jupiter Island, Fla. estate and the apartment in Los Angeles, California.

If Tiger Woods wish to renegotiate custody he can do so in five years. The divorce agreement also prohibits him from bringing along any of her women when he is with the kids, a provision that was specifically asked for by Elin.

The Tiger Woods divorce papers will be signed in Orlando, Florida next week.

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