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DC Comics Unveils New Wonder Woman: Do you like it? Vote Now!

DC Comics decided to go bolder and unveils the New Wonder Woman in the 600th issue of Wonder Woman Comics. The new look of the DC heroine is a total departure from the original concept of the character and ended up looking like one of the students of Prof. Charles Xavier from X-Men.

The new WOnder Woman is now dressed in a full suit not even giving a peek at her body. She has jackets, a smaller tiara, an MMA-styled arm bands, pants and boots which you will hardly see. At first you might get totally shocked and say, "What's going on?"

Well nevertheless, Wonder Woman would not get the negative reactions for the first time since a good forty years ago, woman and feminists alike protested for the decision made by DC back then. During that time they decided to stripped-off Wonder Woman with her powers and became a martial art crime fighting heroine which many really disliked. DC later on returned Diana's powers.

The latest bold change might get the same cold reception from fans specially since the trends from the past portrayal of the heroine in the comics had become bolder and more daring only to return to a conservative state.

The new WOnder Woman also looks younger and more of a teen type compared to the old version. This character might appeal to the younger audience but will surely not please the old fans.

What do you think? Do you like the new or the old Wonder Woman? Share us your view by voting at the poll below.

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