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The Last Airbender Movie Doomed at Opening Day

How can someone making a movie made a huge mistake? Perhaps that were everybody's though when they watched M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender on the big screen. Most of those who saw it said that the whole story was butchered and the 3D was horrible. A heart breaker they say for the avid fans of Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

The director which is M. Night Shyamalan, seems not to be experienced with his very own series and that is a pity. How can he put together an entire 3-book or 3-season saga into one movie and look perfect.

Aang could have been divided into three movies with each of the movie being just as great as the original animated series. This would really be hard on M. Night Shyamalan, who was regarded bu many as a genius in writing. Well as we said in writing and perhaps not so much in directing.

Reviews for The Last Airbender movie was very discouraging and even one critic gave it half a star. For many fans of Avatar: The Legend of Aang, other fans has one basic thing to say, "If you miss out this movie, you will not regret it... promise."

It is sad that this great epic of a story had become one of the biggest flops in the big screen.

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