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Blast at Pakistan Seen in Amateur Video

A bomb killed 37 people in Pakistan and wounded 180 others in another attack at Lahore, Pakistan. The bomb exploded at the Data Darbar shrin, as thousands of people visited the shrine. The shrine is a burial ground for a famous Sufi saint.

Security video as the one above shows the incident in detail and even seeing the man who had caused the bombing. As soon as the bomb went off white plumes of smoke rise as terrified worshipers scatter and run for their lives.

The first bomb exploded in a large underground room where visitors sleep and wash themselves before praying. Minutes later another bomb was detonated in a large courtyard upstairs in front of the shrine which is the exit area for those that were attacked by the first bombed.

The two suicide bombers was identified with the terrorist group formerly supported by the government and is now allied with the Taliban group of Afghanistan.

The two explosions left ripped concrete walls, twisted metal gates, wires hanging from ceilings and dead bodies on the ground.

"It was a horrible scene," said Mohammed Nasir a volunteer security guard at the shrine who was getting ready to pray when the first blast occurred. "There were dead bodies all around with blood and people were crying."

Pakistan and Afghanistan share borders with each other and had a long history of suicide bombers and terrorist groups.

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