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FIFA World Cup 2010: The Round of 16

The teams are complete for the FIFA World Cup 2010 Round of 16 as the group preliminaries ended June 25. The clear results reveals several facts. First, all five South American teams are in and these includes Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and yesterday Chile. Most of the teams have qualified handily for the Round of 16 except for Uruguay and Paraguay. Mexico, though considered as Central America is also a little bit South America. They had the most memorable fight when they defeated France.

Among all the African countries in the World Cup all had fallen in the group preliminaries except for one, Ghana. Ghana will not face the United States in today's match at 14:30 EDT. The USA had the advantage but Ghana has the spirit. They now not only represent their country but the whole African continent.

For Asia, South Korea and Japan had qualified. South Korea manage to get to the Round of 16 via a draw with Nigeria and its good performance against Greece. South Korea will face Uruguay in the Round of 16 which happens today at 10:00 EDT. The second Asian to qualify is Japan. Japan defeated Denmark in what seems to be a game for Denmark. Japan will face another South American, Paraguay on Tuesday, June 29.

Many have fallen for the Europeans including favorite France and defending champion Italy. It seems the football had been struggling in this part of the world and transferring to South America. So far the following European teams have qualified Germany, England, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal. Among these teams there are two favorites Germany and England. Germany has a strong team while England is the most experienced when it comes to football though they have struggled in their Group C preliminaries.

The there is the United States who had also had a tough time in the Group C preliminaries and had been in danger of elimination. Their win against Algeria was historic, with Landon Donovan scoring a good goal.

The matches will be very interesting and we are sure that it will be good games. The Round of 16 begins today June 26 until Tuesday, June 29. You can watch LIVE FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 GAMES HERE.

Happy kicking!

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