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Lunar Eclipse Today, June 26: Time, Location and Details

Today, June 26 there will be another partial Lunar Eclipse which will be seen in both the eastern and the western hemisphere. The eclipse will start at around 14:19 GMT and then the shadow of the Earth will slowly cover the moon until it is 54% covered at around 04:38 US Pacific Time (11:38 GMT).

Many parts of the world will not be seeing the partial lunar eclipse today but for those who will see it they would be lucky. They should just hope that the sky in their location will be clear and will allow them to see the eclipse clearly.

The eclipse will be visible in the Pacific islands including Hawaii, Polynesia, Fiji, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and most of Japan and the Philippines. They will see the beginning of the eclipse. In the western hemisphere the end of the lunar eclipse will be visible in western Brazil, western Venezuela, and South American countries west of these locations. It will also be visible in the western United States.

There will also be a low-hanging moon today and according to Nasa, low-hanging Moons look "unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects". "Observers in India, Japan, and parts of East Asia will experience the same phenomenon," NAsa said.

"They'll see the eclipse on Saturday evening as the Moon is rising."

The lunar eclipse will only last for about three hours.

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