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TimeSpace: Lost Provides Understanding of Lost TV Series

It seems that people can't just get enough of the Lost TV series even though the Lost Finale had been released and most of the mystery in the series was already revealed. Mobile carrier Sprint in order to help the millions of Lost fans worldwide setup a site called TimeSpace: Lost. The website will provide highlights, stories and plots based on the timeline of the Lost TV series.

"As Lost's plot skips back and forth through time and boomerangs around the globe, we capture the action in this interactive timeline -- allowing you to explore the show by year, location or season," says the introduction on the Sprint sponsored site.

Aside from that the website also encourages submission of events which they might have missed to include in the timeline. The website aims to make the Lost experience alive while fans seems to seek more of Lost. Some are even dreaming of a Lost Season 7, "If that would be possible," they say.

So if you want to relive Lost once more, get acquainted with the characters, know more about the location, clarify unanswered questions in your mind then head to TimeSpace: Lost by CLICKING HERE.

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