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Couples Meets Destiny at Disneyland

They were a happy married couple with 3 kids. One time while they are cleaning out their house and looking at old photographs they were startled to discover a photo which might have contained a destiny being foretold 30 years ago. This Destiny happened at a place where dreams are made and child gets their small wishes, Disneyland.

Alex and Donna Voutsinas were so amazed at the photo that they found out that both of them had been captured by a photograph 30 years ago in Disneyland. Look at the photograph below.

The girl on the rightmost corner was indeed Donna and the picture was taken when their family went to Disneyland. However, what startled them was when Alex recognized the man carrying te stroller on the background, it was hid dad and the baby? Yes, indeed it was him. Could this be fate that brought Alex and Donna together 30 years later? Well we never know.

Watch this video of couples Alex and Donna Voutsinas as they share their startling discovery of destiny at Disneyland. To start watching the video CLICK HERE.

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Jay-L said...

Wow! they're really destined to each other. Anyway, I already added your link at my blog :)

David D'Angelo said...

SOmetimes we meet people that we have met before sometime in our lives and we end up loving them forever.

David D'Angelo said...

Indeed it is Destiny! Thanks Jay-L with add your site links to all my blogs :)