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Students Including First Graders Granted Access to Condoms

A new policy in Provincetown, Mass. allows students to acquire condoms at school. Those being allowed are not age restricted so technically even first graders can be allowed to ask for a condom and they will be instructed on how to use it.

These children can ask them even without parental consent. The new policy was approved by the town's school council. The new policy requires students to talk with a school nurse or counselor before receiving the condoms. The policy also states that the school will not honor requests from parents who don't want their children to be given condoms.

The policy also says, "the district does not approve of students' having sex. It goes on to say it recognizes the fact that some students are sexually active and, therefore, should practice safe sex."

This is perhaps one of many unprecedented laws where the level of morality and view of sex had not been given age consideration and age appropriateness. Why would someone as young as a first grader have access to a condom. It is also not right to allow young kids like them to engage themselves in early promiscuous sexual relations.

What do you think? Is this law proper? Would you allow your kids access to condoms at a young age?

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