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Humanitarian and Rape Cases on the Rise in Post Earthquake Haiti

Do you still remember the reason for the song above? If you answered yes and you thought of Haiti then you are right. Several months ago a strong earthquake hit Haiti and thousands of people were killed. The whole country came to the verge of starvation and hunger. Then the whole world rise and help Haiti.

The world help Haiti start over again. People from around the world helped through sending donation, aid and other materials for the victims of the earthquake but now there is more to it. As the physical effects of the tragedy subsides, the emotional side creeps in.

Haiti's women are now being harassed and raped. Their very rights to live a dignified life is being trampled upon. A report on the New York Times reveals that incidence of rape in Haiti have increased months after the January 12 earthquake.

This situation is even aggravated by the fact that thousands of prisoners have escaped during the strong earthquake and now they are free to do more crimes.

“It’s an ideal climate for rape,” alya Villard, director of Kofaviv, a grass-roots organization said.

The photo above is very graphic but it shows how devastated this country is. Do you think these women deserves what happen to them? How would you feel if one of those who suffered rape is one of your daughter or someone known to you?

Ms. Villard said that Kofaviv’s two dozen case workers, in Port-au-Prince, had counseled 264 victims since the earthquake, triple the number in an equivalent period last year. Arrests for rape are fewer — 169 countrywide through May, but more arrests have been made in the last few months than during the same period last year.


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