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R Kelly Performs "Sign of Victory" at World Cup 2010 (Lyrics and Video)

R. Kelly shows his prowess as a singer at the World Cup 2010 Opening Ceremony in South Africa, June 11. His "Sign of Victory" performance was indeed very inspiring. R. Kelly choreographed the dance together with local African dancers and integrated with it a touch of African culture.

The song which talks about the glory of winning and the feeling of a glorious victory is very emotional. The lyrics also includes within it the spirit of camaraderie, unity amidst diversity and peace.

R. Kelly performs the song together with the Soweto Spiritual Choir in front of thousands of people gathered for the World Cup 2010 Opening. Kelly has been producing music for over 31 years.

Video of R. Kelly Sign of Victory World Cup 2010

Here is the lyrics of R. Kelly's Sign of Victory...

I can see the colors of the rainbow,
and I can feel the sun on my face,
I see the light at the end of the tunnel,
and I can feel heaven in its place,

and thats the sign of a victory (x2)

I can feel the spirit of the nations
and I can feel my wings ridin' the winds, yeah
I see the finish line just up ahead na
and I can feel it risin' deep within

and thats the sign of a victory (x2)

Now I can the distance of the journey,
high and front with all your might,
you open your eyes to global warming,
been through it all, you sacraficed your life

and thats the sign of a victory (x2)

If we believe, we can achieve anything including the inpossible this I know so lets lift up our heads and raise the flag yeah yeah and scream like you want to win now let the games begin!

thats the sign of a victory (x4)

when you keep on fightin' , after you lost your strength

thats the sign of a victory

when darkness is all around you, you still find your way

thats the sign of a victory

come on and sing, lift up your voice and sing, stand up, oh yeah, stand up

sign of a victory
ooooohh ohh ohhhh

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