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Justin Bieber Died and Russel Crowe Too!

Internet rumors are getting wild nowadays and lots of artists are being killed online. During this week alone the rumor that Justin Bieber died twice came up on searches and on online discussions. The real fact however is that the young singer is very alive and will be performing a major concert tour soon.

This is not the first case of rumors like this. Just a few days ago before Justine Bieber died online, Russel Crowe was also killed online. The rumor states that Crowe have died in Austria, after falling 50 feet off a mountain, during the filming of a new movie. The manager of the actor immediately denied the rumor saying that Crowe was alive and very active.

The internet seems to be a very good medium for spreading rumors very fast and people most of the time took it literally and as fact without second thoughts. Even President Barack Obama had been a victim of internet rumors. This week rumors that he violated someone's private parts made it on top of Google Search trends. The title says, "Obama Violated my Private Parts." Isn't that ridiculous enough?

Just an advise to everyone, do not just believe what you read on the internet especially if it is about a random news of someone very popular dying. Do your research. Thanks!

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