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Prison Requires Lil Wayne Shaved Dreads

Lil Wayne might be losing his precious dreadlocks as he begins his prison term. According to a lawyer, "Male prisoners are only allowed to wear their hair in cornrows, going straight back. And they can’t exceed the ‘natural hairline’ in length."

So what's the natural hairline? The lawyer added, "It means it can’t extend the neck"

The lawyer then proceeded saying that there is one alibi which Wayne can use in order to preserve his precious dreads that is "Prisoners who claim Rastafarri as their religion are allowed in most cases to keep their locks. But even then there’s a process to determine if it’s genuine."

So it seems unless the prison administration will allow a special case consideration for Lil Wayne, his dreads would surely be shaved.

Lil Wayne's dreads is perhaps one of his trademarks and identifying features and without them we could say that he is just like Samson losing his strength.

Wayne was sentenced to one year in Prison last February 2010 due to an attempted gun possession which he pleaded as guilty.

According to Associated Press reports, Wayne acknowledged he had a loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun when the bus was stopped shortly after a Manhattan concert on July 22, 2007.

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