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Linda McMahon U.S Senator?

Linda McMahon the wife of World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon is running in the Republican Senate Primary. She is facing Rob Simmons, a strong and established Republican politician.

It is said however that win or lose in the Republican Primary, Linda McMahon will take a third party run for the U.S. senate seat and use her popularity, the WWE and money to boost her campaign.

Republican Debate:Linda McMahon "I'll put the smack down on the senate concensus"

McMahon had been very active in the WWE ring from 1999-2001 where she had a stage rivalry with her husband, Vince McMahon. This is the time where WWE portrays the story were Vince is said to emotionally abuse Linda to the point where Linda suffered a nervous breakdown. The climax of this story was in Wrestlemania 17 where Linda eventually kicked Vince McMahon's groin.

As preparation for her senate run, Linda McMahon stepped down as CEO of WWE after her 30-year career in the industry. Campaigning on promises of fiscal conservatism, lower taxes and job creation, Linda hopes to win a Senate seat. Linda said that she is willing to spend $50 million of her own money just to win.

However all is not smooth as controversy and question of her character are being launched against her. Simmons is questioning her credibility and character as a senator. One of the many attacked used against here was the controversial WWE video on Talking Points Memo wherein Colleen Flanagan, Chris Dodd's spokesperson's says show behavior unbecoming of a future senator.

Chris Dodd is a Republican insider who also dislikes Linda in the party. The controversial video above however was later removed by YouTube. There were claims that YpuTube was paid off by Linda to remove the said video for a hefty sum of money.

So will Linda McMahon make it to the primary? Will Linda McMahon be the next US Senator? Let's see us she fights in the political ring.

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