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Hailstorm in Oklahoma City Caught on Video

What might have been the worst hailstorm in Oklahoma City was caught on video. The heavy hailstorm and its apparent impact on an indoor swimming pool was shocking at first. You could imagine what could have happened to you if you are outside and the hailstorm caught you.

The snow that fell from the hailstorm where goftball to softball size. residents says it was indeed a freak weather event since this is the first time that they have witnessed a hailstorm of this kind.

Winds during the hailstorm reached about 60 mph. Before the hailstorm a tornado hit other parts of Oklahoma. The weird thing was the farm located in Fairfax which serves as the location of the movie Twister was also damaged.

J. Berry Harrison, owner of the farm said he lost two houses, five barns, two silos, a horse and farm equipment. He also said that it was like the movie Twister coming into real life.

Here are two videos which was caught by amateur videographers during the Oklahoma City Hailstorm:

Hail Storm Oklahoma City Video

Oklahoma City Hail Storm May 16, 2010 by Aaron Snow

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