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Jordan Romero's Mt. Everest Climb Sets New Record

Jordan Romero, a 13-year old mountain climber from the United States has set a new world record in his Mt. Everest climb. Romero reached the peak of Mt. Everest earlier today and became the youngest ever to climb the peak of the highest mountain in the world.

Jordan Romero is joined by his dad and 3 sherpas on his trek to the most treacherous mountain in the world. before climbing Mt. Everest, Jordan Romero had succeeded in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Afrrica. After this climb Jordan Romero says that this is just the start of his quest to climb all the highest peaks in the world's seven continests.

Temba Tsheri of Nepal, age 16 was the former youngest climber of Mt. Everest before Jordan Romero made the successful summit climb to Everest.

At his young age observers says that there is a bright future ahead of the young kid. His taste for the extreme and for mountain climbing will probably set new records on other mountain peaks which he will try to climb in the future.

From the fans, readers and writers of Newz Around Us our CONGRATULATIONS TO JORDAN ROMERO!

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