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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Livestream Video Flock by Viewers

The moment BP Plc installs a livecam on the oil spill at the Guld of Mexico it became a web craze as everyone wants to see the spewing oil which is damaging the ocean. The camera focuses on the dent of oil spewing from the damaged pipeline of the BP Oil Platform at the Gulf of Mexico.

Despite the webcraze brought by the BP Oil Leak Livestream Video majority of the reactions were moderate to harsh. One even asked for U.S. President Barack Obama to just create a concrete structure in the area over the oil spill.

BP Plc this week have started the process of sending robots to close the pipeline and possibly lessen the oil spill. However, observers says that it is not enough to really resolve the damage caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The BP Oil leak started when the platform of BP Oil in the Gulf of Mexico suffered a major explosion creating one of the worst environmental hazard in the sea.

Here is the BP Oil Leak - Guldf of Mexico Oil Spill Livestream Video:

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

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