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Facebook Controversy and Zuckerberg Privacy Issue

Facebook may be the top rating social networking site but it seems the media and some people are biting its tails. Another Facebook controversy had been revealed as its chief, Marck Zuckerberg alledgedly said in a messanger conversation about his access to the personal data of Facebook users and branded Facebook users "dumb" for trusting him.

The Facebook Controversy and Zuckerberg Privacy Issue was immediately a competitor and news issue adding to the series of high-porfile incidents highlighting Facebooks high level privacy issue.

There are observers which says that Facebook Controversy on its privacy is quickly becoming a trend. In Silicon Valley the coverage of Facebook Controvery had reach the national mainstream media. However some are saying the the media is being to harsh on the social networking giant.

Competitors like Wired's Ryan Singel takes the opportunity in making an action call for an alternative to Facebook. "Facebook has gone rogue, drunk on founder Mark Zuckerberg's dreams of world domination. It's time the rest of the web ecosystem recognizes this and works to replace it with something open and distributed," says Singel.

A typical Facebook Satirical Cartoon

Another warning came from Nick Saints of The Business Insider. Saint says that Facebook has suffered backlashes over its privacy before and it seems they are not doing anything to address it.

"So it's very bad news for Facebook that an increasing number of media outlets outside the tech community are paying attention to the privacy backlash this time around. ... Facebook has a few more news days like this, people outside the technology world will start to notice," Saints added.

Whatever the case maybe the Facebook Controversy is an issue that all Facebook users should really look into. This Facebook Controversy anyway affects every single user of the web giant, so critics says "be aware and be careful."

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