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Which Green Will Former President Fidel Ramos be Endorsing?

It turned out that there will be two presidential candidates in the Philippines who will be using Green as their official color, environmentalist Nicanor "Nick" Perlas and former Defense Secretary Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro". Now the question is, which of them is former President Fidel Ramos referring to as the "green president"?

Gibo Teodoro is part of the ruling coalition LAKAS-KAMPI in which Ramos is a former part being the founder of LAKAS-CMD. This party catapulted him to the presidency in 1992 and also helped Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2004. Ramos was seen as the stabilizer during the scandal that rocked the GMA administration. He criticized GMA for these scandals but he had not joined calls for her resignation. Ramos had remained very reputable and credible in all aspects.

Going back to Teodoro, he was not a known advocate of the environment and sustainable development. His department was even caught off handed during both the Ondoy and Pepeng calamities. It seems he had not prepared for climate change. Now, it seems Gibo has a pinch for climate change and for "sustainable development" and I hope he understands that.

Nicanor "Nick" Perlas is the other green candidate. He is running under Partido ng Marangal na Samabayan (PANGMASA). He had been an environmentalist and animal rights advocate. He had been part of those who successfully stopped the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) and 12 other similar plants from being constructed. He led those who sue the Department of Agriculture and effectively banned 32 harmful and toxic pesticide formulations.

Perlas also introduced Ramos to sustainable development during the APEC Summit where he convinced Ramos to take a stand in favor of poor and developing countries and include in the document sustainable and pro-environment safeguards. Ramos also adopted and implemented the Philippine Agenda 21 as his administrations development plan. This led to the establishment of the Philippine Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD). This council was made mute during Arroyo administration but was revived through former Sen. Ralph Recto because it was found out that it was the best step to adapt considering the effects of Climate Change. Perlas also introduced biodynamic farming and supported organic farming in the Philippines.

If we will review what Gibo said during Born To Be Wild's Green Agenda he has very limited understanding of sustainable development in its real context. Sustainable Development in order to be successful needs to empower not only the government but also civil society and business.

Former President Fidel Ramos on his speeches says it is time for a green president and someone who understands deeply what sustainable development is and carries with him green principles.

Who is Ramos referring to? Is it Gilbert Teodoro or is it Nicanor Perlas?

Let us wait and see.

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