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The Obama Afghanistan War Gamble

President Barack Obama in an acceptance that more troops are needed in Afghanistan finally decided to send in the orders. The order is to increase troop count in Afghanistan by 30,000 - 35,000 and severely weaken the Taliban and train the local troops.

Obama made it clear that the United States will not remain permanently in Afghanistan and that the war will not be the new Vietnam as many are beginning to fear.

Barack Obama who says that George Bush had made unnecessary decisions in both Iraq and Afghanistan seems to take a gamble in the troop surge. The surge will bring about more cost for the American people and a greater budget deficit in a time of recession.

Military officials say the Army brigades most likely to be sent as part of the surge will come from Fort Drum in New York and Fort Campbell in Kentucky. Marines, who will be the vanguard, will most likely come primarily from Camp Lejeune.

Obama in his speech also outlined the end game of the war and says that troops will begin pullout by July 2011. This scenario also brought fear to both local Afghan leaders as well as Pakistan who sees that the Taliban might buy time and then fortify their forces until the United States begin its pullout.

Pakistan is another front were the Taliban controls some key areas in its territory.

Barack Obama is also loosing approval rating due to his gamble on health care and now on the war. We might see more decline since it seems he is in a situation were you just need to do what needs to be done.

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