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Health Care Reform Bill Consolidation Rages On

As both Houses of Congress passed their respective versions of the United States Health Care Reform Bill, the main hurdle is now the consolidation of the two bills which has varying differences.

The bill which was opposed by almost all Republicans on grounds of bigger debt and socialist style health care is also receiving a hard line opposition from the public. However, there are many who hails the bill as a genuine solution to provide universal health care to all Americans. (PHOTO from Promote Health & Wellness)

Here is a detail report on the Bill published by Yahoo: The Buzz Log:

The House wrangled its version last month. While President Obama says the two proposals are 95% "identical," that 5% difference has spurred some furious negotiations.
  • The bill for the health care reform bill? The House version costs more than a trillion, while the Senate's is a tad cheaper at $871 billion.
  • People with comfy incomes will have to pay more taxes to help pay for reform, if the House has its way. The Senate stays away from that, but adds a 10% tax on indoor tanning booths.
  • Funding for abortion and a public option are two of the more heated controversies.
  • A New York congresswoman wrote an op-ed tearing apart the Senate bill for, among other things, letting insurance companies keep enjoying their antitrust status.
Outlets like AP, Bloomberg, Newsweek, The New York Times, and the Kaiser Family Foundation have taken on the daunting task to compare the two versions. Below, three charts with an overview, key similarities, and key differences between the Senate and House proposals.


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