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33 Reasons to Vote for Noynoy Countered and Answered

Elections is heating up in the Philippines even before the actual campaign period starts on February 2009. An article on Barrio Siete stating "33 Reasons Why I Will Vote for Noynoy" written by a certain Hustisya received varying comments.

The most detailed answer came from another blog which writes back with an article entitled, "33 Reasons Why I Will Vote for Noynoy.. NOT". It is a number by number answer to every reason posted by Hustisya.

Most prominent among those discussed was Noynoy Aquino's lack of platform and mediocre performance in Congress and in the Senate. The author argues that if someone was brilliant it would show on how he had served the people for the last 12 years.

The author also said that majority of the platforms of Noynoy and the Liberal Party were all motherhood statements without going into the detail. He also assailed the misstatements within Hustisya's reasoning.

The reliance on survey as a determinant of who to vote and result of elections was also lambasted.

And that’s exactly why the Philippines is still stuck in deep doo doo – people vote based on ratings and winnability – NOT ABILITY. Noynoy has NO ABILITY WHATSOEVER… He makes a good stooge though.

The author of the reply article also stated that, "It’s not a question of who’s atat or not.. it’s a question of ABILITY.. TRACK RECORD.. INTEGRITY.. CONCRETE VISION." as he answered the reason that among all the presidentiables it was only Noynoy who was not so eager to be President.

One very good argument was this one.

Hustisya: He has the quality of a good leader. A unifying figure. Pwede niyang mapagkaisa ang bayan. 44% ang boboto NA sa kanya and still growing. Kung 2% ka lang like Gibo, baka pati mga maids at drivers mo di mo mapag-iisa.

Reply: Hitler was unifying figure, so was Mussolini. 44% for Noynoy means – 66% DO NOT LIKE NOYNOY!

Whatever it is this shows that the 2010 Philippine Elections would be an election which is no longer a battle between good and evil but a battle on who will transform the country and lead an inner change to propel the country forward.

Merry Christmas and good luck on all candidates!

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