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Survivor Philippines Palau: The Week Ahead

Chris Bolado had been kicked out of the game after Charles and Mika decided to vote for him. Chris said that he have nothing against Charles and Mika and that he accepted what happened.

Chris and Justin will face-off for the right to remain in the game at Isla Purgatoryo and then join the possible merger which might be happening this coming week. Will Justin continue his winning streak or will Chris be the first one to defeat him and deliver a strong blow to the first ever transsexual castaway.

Meanwhile, Tara had shown her true colors. She kept on cursing and yelling at Charles perhaps for not following her orders to vote for Mika. This will definitely put him at the ire of both of her remaining Airai tribmates.

If the merge will not occur this week and Airai will lost once again, Tara will definitely be the one to be voted out however, if Koror decides once again to give the immunity bracelet to Tara then the worst is to be expected in Airai.

Will there be another twist to be announced? As we have seen before this series of Survivor had a lot of unexpected twists which tends to break plans for a monotonous and boring series. It had been very effective and also had made the castaways think out of the "usual" survivor trend.

There is a lot to be watched this week in Survivor Philippines: Palau, among them:

  • The face-off between Chris and Justine
  • The love affair of Jeff and Marvin
  • Tara's rampaging mouth against Mika and Charles
  • The upcoming merger
  • Another possible Survivor twist

So watch out!

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