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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Host 2016 Olympics.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will host the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Brazil win the bid for the Olympic Games during the finalization of the venue for 2016 at  Copenhagen.  One of the biggest loosers in the bid is the United States where President Barack Obama personally campaigned but lost.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva sobbed with joy together with fotball great Pele, bronzed Cariocas. Brazilians which numbered 50,000 raised their arms, frantically waving flags and hugging each other on a balmy and sunny day. Then they hit the bars to furiously down caipirinhas — a powerful tropical mix of sugarcane liquor, fresh lime juice, sugar and ice.

The 2016 Olympic Games will be the first hosting of the event by a South American country. Brazilians are also hoping that this will help transform the entire region and promote social integration that will leave a lasting legacy in a place were beauty goes alongside with grinding poverty and brutal slum-based violence.

Personally, it would be great to be there in 2016 since I am also a native of Brazil where my father lives and my grandfather now lives in Sao Paolo.

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