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Several Thousand of people flee from Sulu

October 10, 2009 - Amidst the growing tension in the island province of Sulu brought about by the recent encounters between the government forces and the armed moro civilians, several thousands of people had fled from the island for fear of being caught in the impending war.

Last Tuesday, thousands of Philippine Marines were unloaded from two big navy boats docked at the pier of Jolo, Sulu believed to retaliate the AFP's casualties in war with the people of Sulu last week.

On the other hand, several hundreds of Moro rebels composed of MNLF and Abu Sayyaf Group are currently amassing their troops in the Municipalities of Patikul, Luuk, Indanan and Maimbung Sulu for possibly escalation of the war into a conventional war between the AFP and the moros of the island.

Yesterday, about five hundred armed rebels led by Ustadz Habir Malik were seen crossing along the highway from Patikul to Jolo.The movement is caused by indiscriminate attacks of the government forces not only for rebels but also for civilian populace.

Khadija Omar, who is pregnant and a native of Indanan, Sulu said, thousands of civilians had fled to Zamboanga city and Basilan because both sides are building up their troops for possible full blast encounter.

Armed Civilians had reinforced the troops of the MNLF in Luuk and Indanan due to the massive bombardment and harassment inflicted by the government troops which prompted the Moro rebels to attack and prepared for a large fight.

The refusal of the government troops to allow media men to talk with the people in the area is perceived to be an undeclared news blackout. Civilians project a large scale showdown between the government troops and the joint moro forces in almost all municipalities in the Province of Sulu in few days from now. “There is really tension in the area” one school teacher said who asked anonymity. Several schools in Jolo have suspended their classes due to the looming war.


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