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Blog Action Day 2009: Time Capsule for Climate Change Begins Today

As if to really highlight today's Blog Action Day headed by, one of the features in Yahoo boldly reveals, "Arctic ice cap to disappear in 20-30 years: study." The study shows that in just 10 years the arctic will be open seas and in 20-30 year the ice will completely melt during summer. If that is not Climate Change then what is? If what happened in the Philippines during Ondoy and Pepeng is not Climate Change, then what is?

Today, we take action through our blog posts. We show through our writings that we care. But how many of us actually take action in order to help even in just a small way? How many of us continue to use plastics? How many of us continue to eat pork and beef which consumes more than 19,000 liters of water to produce just 1 kilo? How many of us does not segregate?

I am one. I would be honest that it is extremely hard. Without a law, a policy and hard implementation it is hard to live by it alone. I have tried to avoid pork and beef but the folks here at home was my enemy and whatever explanation they would not listen. It is hard to segregate when upon throwing it the garbage collectors will just mix it again. It is hard not to use plastic bags when it is continuously being circulated.

However, among the three I have managed to take action through plastic bags. How? I usually refuse to put into plastics items which I can carry myself. I refuse to double plastic bags and maximize its use in the market. I recycle them and make use of them again. However, these same plastic bags are used as garbage bags and then throw it in the unsegregated dump site... does it make a difference? is it my fault or was I just a victim of lack of political will?

For me it would be better if there would be political will from the government. It would be better if our president and public officials are those which have genuine concerns for the environment. That is why one of my major decisions is to really help campaign for Nicanor "Nick" Perlas, an environmentalist with 40 years of public service majority of which is in protecting our environment. I would like to see him as president because he has the guts and the balls to stand by our environment and people.

Nick Perlas, enviromentalist running for president. Philippines 2010

What can you do then?

Start small... try to change... try to minimize your waste... reduce... reuse... recycle.... and then in 2010... make the bold move... I ask of you to help us in electing a green president... join us and save our country and our planet.

Today is Blog Action Day but the blogs will not move for you for in reality you who are writing in your blogs and reading this blog are the ones that will truly make a difference.

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