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Richard Heene Balloon Saga is a Hoax

Who would believe Richard Heene that the grueling 2-hour rescue which turned out to be useless is not a hoax? Even the person with the most disillusioned mind would not believe his excuses for what had happened. The testimony of his 6-year old son, "you said we did this for a show" when asked why he didn't come out of his hiding place was enough to conclude that it was a hoax.

Richard Heene is a frustrated person who wants to have his own reality TV show, achieve fame and get on TV and now his latest attempt at it will surely get the indignation of everyone across the United States and the world.

CNN interview with Henne Family

The Sheriff himself is saying that he was frustrated because he was expecting a greater offense against Heene. well, if I am someone who really found out that everything was a stunt I will really be pissed off. Your heart is pounding and you are in great concern for the kid who might be in danger but in truth was not actually in the balloon.

These people are sickos indeed.

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