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Justine Ferrer is Survivor Philippines Palau Sole Survivor

A wild guess? I don't think so. After how things are turning out in Survivor Philippines: Palau, I can safely predict that Justine Ferrer is the Sole Survivor. In last weeks episode there was a surprise turn of events. Immediately there were two Tribal Councils and even more surprising was the scroll that Justine has puts her immune to the second voting. The tribal council last Friday resulted in Tara and echo being voted out.

Justine is playing both the girls alliance and the failed Koror alliance. Is it a bad move for Charles and Suzuki to agree with Shawn and vote out Echo? Well we don't know. But if Shawn will really be paying the debts to them I think it is not a bad move since Shawn is actually in danger of being voted out because Justine and Echo voted for him.

Marvin was also in his most captivating moment since honestly he really looks cunning. He was in fact also surprised by the turn of events.

Would it now be easier to determine the nexgt person to be voted out? Would it be a girls alliance or an Airai alliance? For me I think the Airai alliance might work but still Shawn is a wildcard in the game since he is playing both sides.

What's worst and difficult is the fact that the next person to be voted out will be given a "read pearl". The read pearl when given to a person gives that person plus 2 votes. Naturally if you already have plus 2 votes you are in danger of being voted out and being the target of everyone unless you win in the immunity challenge.

Let's see what happens and let's see whether my predictions are correct. But seeing guestings of Justine and how he responds with enthusiasm to every question gives me a gut feel that indeed Justine Ferrer is Sirvivor Philippines Season 2 Sole Survivor.

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