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Young Leaders Arrive in Ghana Today!

Mari Moro (winner of the International Video Contest) and other Los Angeles based youth are heading to Ghana to meet their youth counterparts for a series of events beginning August 5th - 10th.

World Trust Foundation founder, Tess Cacciatore, will be joining the youth next week to facilitate the 5 days of event to build a bridge between US and Ghana, as well as begin training for the mentorship of the young leaders.

The curriculum for the Young Leaders will surround the Millennium Development Goals and how to become an ACHIEVER!

Check out the video that was just sent in (July 30th, 2009) by three Young Leaders from the US to Ghana. Mari Mora (on the right) is our video contest winner for YOUR VOICE - YOUR CHOICE. (see her video below for her winning entry)

Mari Mora Trubenbach- Operation of Hope

There is an extraordinary team building to support the local youth, from Ghana Country Director Samuel Martinson, to others in the field of marketing, pubic relations building and alliances to other NGO's who are on a similar mission to support the future of our planet, such as: Operation of Hope, HERO, Airline Ambassadors, Dream Project, Global Doctors Alliance, and more... who are dedicated to support the Young Leaders Network, to help mentor these youth for a better future.

We are committed to make this Young Leaders Summit a success and upon returning to the states we will be set to launch our Virtual Classroom Network that will make an even further impact into our schools, communities and more.

If you are able, it would be great to help us with our costs for this history making series of events. EVery dollar helps, so for your secure and tax-deductible donation please go to: World Trust donation page

For those who want to help the World Trust Foundation, please visit their website at

We always welcome any donation, for our continued programs, however for this particular deadline we have until midnight, FRIDAY - JULY 31ST.

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