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The Secret Story of a Philippine Online Trading Site

A popular online trading site and store in the Philippines had a story of greed and betrayal that was never revealed nor told to everyone. This site which had been very popular in the Philippines which features trading of goods and services and where in users can post in search for what they need had explaining to do to some of its previous partners. It had cut off all of its previous networks in exchange for what the new partner wants and an stunning multi-million partnership payment.

The site started from scratch way back mid-2000 when the coder decided to put together bunch of code from different sites to create a stunning website which offers a lot to its users. Search for whatever products you like and you will see a lot of offers and sources from this site. All was well and it has the real value of both advocacy and help for the usual Filipinos but all changed because of the glitter of money.

A self-studied coder who's story will sure inspire all have turned out to become a money game after all. All for just a couple of millions of pesos. What site is this? Well I am not telling and besides it is quite confidential.

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