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Microsoft Windows 7 is Sold Out on Day 1

Pre-orders for Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest incarnation of the leading operating system, have sold out on day one.

The company is permitting customers to pre-order the product prior to its release on 22 October. Significant discounts are available in most countries. For example, UK customers ordering between 15 July and 9 August will receive the full European version at a 50% discount (note that it requires a clean install, won’t upgrade from XP or Vista, and comes without Internet Explorer)

Windows ’stocks’ are limited and they have been flying off the shelf. Most retailers sold out within the first 8 hours of trade. Amazon’s recorded sales for Windows 7 have already exceeded the entire 17 week pre-order sales for Windows Vista.

The Windows 7 betas and release candidates have received positive press. The OS is stable, fast, and fixes many of the issues introduced in Vista.

Source: Sitepoint

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